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The following are some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us.

We are pleased to hear that they are happy and that our services are successful.

“Over the years, it has been difficult to find a qualified CPA that was familiar with the complexity of the required tax reporting for a retail service station. I recommend the services of William Head, CPA. Will has been working with us for the past couple years as our accountant. His knowledge and attention to detail and dates, have aided in keeping my business on track. Will comprehends our industry and is proficient in taking care of our tax and accounting needs. He is always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and is quick to respond to any questions we have. He is thorough, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. Will has proven to be a trusted resource.”  

Gordy Santos, President of Gordy's Sunoco

"For anyone needing an experienced CPA, I highly recommend Will Head. He is smart, efficient, fast, affordable and easy to work with. More than that, he actually understands our business and "gets it." Will goes above and beyond bookkeeping and tax filings to help our company make good decisions that chart a wise course for our company's future."

Russell Sherman, President of Pittsford Printing

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